Protecting your financial information is important to us

In our fast-paced world, it’s unfortunate but the reality is that criminals are always finding new ways to defraud and steal identities. We are committed to helping you protect your most valued possessions. Whenever in doubt, visit our FAQ section regarding security, contact us or call 877-866-0202.

To acquire a free credit report once every 12 months from each of the three major credit bureaus, the FDIC recommends visiting or calling 1-877-322-8228.

Trusteer Rapport Security Software

Trusteer Rapport is security software that protects your online banking communication from being stolen by criminals. It is particularly beneficial to businesses with employees who have internet access. The software works in addition to any anti-virus or firewalls and is designed to catch fraud immediately.

  • Prevents malicious browser tampering designed to fool victims into surrendering personal information.
  • Disables key logging and screen capturing attempts on pages such as logins or money transfers.
  • Removes existing financial malware from end-user machines and prevents future infections.
  • Contact us or call 877-866-0202 today to learn more.
  • Read the Trusteer FAQ and Security Glossary.

Security Manager

Security Manager is a passcode authentication product great for businesses or personal customers. Security Manager generates passcodes via text to the customer and works in conjunction with your current security features.

  • The customer may choose what products or rules trigger a passcode (such as ACH or Wire limits, BillPay limits or new payees, and more!)
  • The service can be associated to specific Online Banking IDs.
  • Multiple users can be set up.
  • Contact us or call 877-866-0202 today to learn more.

Online Security

  • Old Second only allows you to access your account information online if you have registered for O2 Online Banking services. You will always need login and password information in order to be able to access your information.
  • Old Second verifies all email address changes made through Online Banking.
  • Old Second provides token devices to offer a unique, one-time use password for entry into O2 Online Banking. This drastically reduces the risk of an unauthorized access due to password guessing.
  • Old Second business customers may request that online services are only accessible from the IP addresses they provide. Requests may also be made that restrict access to the service during specific times of day.
  • Old Second verifies that all new cash management users were created by an authorized person.
  • Old Second does not recommend sending confidential/personal information through unsecure methods. E-mail sent to us through your O2 Online Banking account by clicking on Contact Us is a secure e-mail method and therefore, is the recommended method of sending e-mail. Other secure methods of transmitting this information would be by visiting any of our locations or by calling us at 877-866-0202.

Security tips

Knowing how to respond can help you recognize and defend yourself against scams.

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