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With 29 convenient branch locations and over 70 ATMs in the Chicagoland area, chances are good there's an Old Second Bank close to your home or business. Stop by today and let's start banking.

DRIVE-THRUS and LOBBY HOURS are open as listed below. 

Please note temporary branch closure: Aurora-Farnsworth.

*LOBBY ACCESS INSTRUCTIONS (Effective Monday, July 6, 2020):

  • MASKS: All customers (and employees) will be required to wear a mask in the branch. For security purposes, we do ask that you briefly lower and replace your mask for our cameras once you've entered the branch. Look for instructional signage or check with a greeter as you enter. (Hats and sunglasses remain prohibited in-branch.)

  • OCCUPANCY LIMITS: Each branch has a set occupancy limit based on size. We apologize if you have to wait until safe occupancy regulations are met. We ask that only customers conducting bank business enter the building and that interactions remain as brief as possible so other customers may be serviced. 

  • CALL AHEAD FOR BRANCH ENTRY: Each branch will have a specific phone number posted at the entrance. Please call this number when you arrive for access to the lobby

  • IDENTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: As an added security measure, we ask that all customers bring a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport. Please note that you may be asked additional security questions to properly identify you 

  • Customers are encouraged to use our drive-thru or any of our remote solutions (see below) whenever possible. Our goal is to practice social distancing as much as possible for the safety of all our customers and employees.

Please visit our COVID-19 information page for additional updates. 


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