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How do I activate the O2 Mobile Deposit option to my O2 Digital Banking app?
From within O2 Digital Banking, select the Deposit Check option.  Follow the system prompts to complete the enrollment.

Why can't I see my mobile deposit when I go to view it in O2 Digital Banking Mobile or Online?
Deposits made through Mobile Deposit will not appear online until the following business day. 

How will I know if my Mobile Deposit was received, accepted for deposit and credited to my account?

  • Once the deposit is received, you will receive an email confirmation indicating if the deposit was approved.
  • The deposit will appear on your account statement.
  • The deposit can be reviewed in O2 Digital Banking Online or Mobile or Infoline the following business day.

Is O2 Mobile Deposit a service for personal accounts or business accounts?
Mobile Deposit is a service that individuals with personal accounts or businesses that deposit low volumes of checks will find useful and convenient. Businesses that handle large volumes of checks should inquire about our Remote Deposit Scanner products.

What Old Second accounts can I deposit to?
Using O2 Mobile Deposit, you can deposit to your Old Second checking, savings or money market accounts if you included these as deposit options on your enrollment form. If you want to add another account, Choose the Deposit Check option within the account and then Enroll Another Account.

What types of items can I deposit using O2 Mobile Deposit? 
You can deposit any type of original negotiable check or money order drawn on a U.S. chartered bank that is payable in U.S. dollars.  Two party checks are not allowed.

  • Personal Accounts - The check must be made payable to you or to one of the joint owners on the account
  • Business Accounts – The check must be made payable to the business

Can I make a deposit with more than one check? 
Each check must be deposited as a separate deposit transaction.  You can make multiple deposits as long as your limits are not exceeded.

Is there a dollar limit, or a limit to the number of checks that can be deposited through O2 Mobile Deposit?
Yes. There are daily and monthly limits.

  • For Level 1 customers, the daily deposit limit is $3,000 with a monthly limit of $9,000 and 20 checks.
    (This is the default limit.  To request higher limits, access O2 Digital Banking and select Support and then Start a Conversation, or O2 Online Banking and select the Contact Us option or email us at depositservices@oldsecond.com.)
  • For Level 2 customers, the daily deposit limit is $5,000 with a monthly limit of $10,000 and 40 checks.

What if I go over my daily or monthly deposit or transaction limit?
If you go over your transaction or deposit limit, the transaction may not be approved. You will receive the following error message: Deposit Limit has been exceeded. Please contact your financial institution. 

Please call Old Second Customer Support at 630-966-2455 if you have a question related to an error message.  If you exceed your limit please contact us to see if you are eligible for a temporary limit change.

What does it cost to use the O2 Mobile Deposit Service?
The service is currently free.  You could incur fees from your mobile/wireless service provider related to the use of Mobile Deposit based on your specific calling plan.

What do I do with the checks that I deposit through O2 Mobile Deposit?
You should secure the check in a safe place and note on the check that it was part of a mobile deposit.  The check should be kept for at least 60 days after you receive your email deposit confirmation.  At that time, you should destroy the deposited check so that no one attempts to negotiate it in the future.  Before destroying, verify on your account statement that the deposit was received and credited to your account.

How should checks deposited through O2 Mobile Deposit be endorsed?
The check should be signed (endorsed) by the payee writing FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY above the endorsement.

When are the funds deposited through O2 Mobile Deposit available for withdrawal? 
Old Second’s standard funds availability policy applies to these deposits.  Please contact us if you would like a copy of our Funds Availability Disclosure.

What if I enter the wrong amount when entering a deposit?
You will receive a confirmation that the deposit was received.  Your email deposit confirmation will alert you that the amount was incorrect and what adjustment was made to the deposit.  If you have any questions, call Old Second Customer Support at 630-966-2455.

What if I deposited the same check more than once?
If you attempt to deposit the same check twice at Old Second, the deposit will be declined and the transaction will not be processed.  If the check has been deposited at another bank and we process the check, the check will be returned and charged back to your account and a return deposit check fee will apply.

What if a deposit is rejected?
Please call Old Second Customer Support at 630-966-2455 during normal business hours Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

How do I view my mobile deposit history and how long is the history available for viewing?
Deposits made using O2 Mobile Deposit can be viewed for five days after the deposit was processed by logging into O2 Digital Banking.

Can I open a new account online and make my first deposit with a check through O2 Mobile Deposit?
Not at this time. An account cannot be opened using a check deposit from Mobile Deposit.

Who do I contact for assistance? 
Please contact us at 630-844-4826 or depositservices@oldsecond.com.


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