We have collected answers to the most frequently asked questions for you to refer to. But if you do not find what you are looking for here, or need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us or give us a call at 877-866-0202.


What is a debit chip card?
A debit chip card is a standard payment card tied to your bank account that has an embedded microchip on the front and a magnetic stripe on the back. A chip card is sometimes referred to as an EMV or smart card. Chip cards offer advanced security when making purchases in-store at chip-enabled terminals.

How does the microchip make using my debit card more secure?
When the chip card is used in-store at a terminal with a chip reader, the transaction and approval is unique which makes it more difficult to counterfeit or copy the card information. If this one-time unique information is stolen it cannot be used to commit fraud or create counterfeit cards.

Does the chip-enabled debit card technology prevent data breaches of fraud?
Chip card technology provides an additional layer of security to help minimize data breaches. While this technology can’t prevent all security breaches, a secure payment technology is an important first line of defense for debit fraud when your card is presented for an in-person payment or purchase. This technology will work towards minimizing card fraud. Additionally, never give out your card number and PIN to anyone. Only give card information when transacting business online or over the phone to sites or businesses you initiate business with and trust.

Does debit chip cards technology allow my location to be tracked?
No. The debit chip card technology is not a locator system. The chip’s technology is limited to supporting one-time unique authorization for an individual transaction.

Where can I use my chip card?
Use it everywhere you currently use your card. Although not all merchants have up-graded their card terminals to accommodate chip cards, the magnetic stripe on the back of the card still allows you to swipe the card to complete transactions. Your card can continue to be used to make online, mobile and telephone payments and purchases but the chip technology does not apply to these types of transactions. Here are some hints for using your card.

  • If you swipe your card at chip-enabled terminal, you will be prompted to insert the card into the chip reader. After the transaction is completed you will be prompted to remove the card.
  • If you insert your chip card into a terminal that is swipe only and not chip-enabled, the card will not work. You will need to swipe the card to complete your transaction.
  • If in doubt, ask the business employee who will tell you whether to swipe your card or insert it into the chip reader.
What about ATM withdrawals?
Your chip debit card will work at both chip-enabled ATMs and ATMs that have only magnetic stripe read capability. Chip-enabled ATMs will hold the card and prompt you when to remove the card. If you remove the card too early, you will need to initiate a new transaction.

Can I use my chip card outside of the U.S.?
Yes. Chip card technology is already widely used in Europe, Canada, Australia, Mexico and many other overseas countries. In the past while traveling internationally, you may have run into issues with your magnetic stripe only card. Your new Old Second Chip Debit card will make using your card much easier when travelling abroad.
Old Second recommends that you give us advance notice of international travel if you will be using your Old Second Debit card. This will help insure legitimate purchases are approved in the regions you will be travelling in and that your card is not blocked for potential fraud. Call us at 1-877-866-0202 to report your travel plans or if you have questions related to the use and acceptance of your Old Second Debit card when travelling internationally. You can also send us a secure message through your O2 Online Banking account related to your international travel plan.

When will I receive my new Old Second Chip Card?
Starting February 7, 2017, Old Second will start issuing Chip cards.

Will my new chip card have the same number and PIN?
No. For security purposes, your new Old Second Debit Card with a chip will have a new number, expiration date and security code. The card carrier (that your new card will be attached to) will give you instructions on activating your card and selecting and setting your 4 digit PIN (Personal Identification Number).

How long will my old debit card work for after I receive my new card?
Your old debit card will work until you activate, PIN and use your new card. For security purposes, you will only have 45 days after you receive your card to activate, PIN and use your new card before the old non-chip card is de-activated. If your old-card is automatically de-activated after 45 days, you will need to stop in at your closest Old Second branch or call the Old Second Support Center at 1-877-866-0202 for assistance.

What happens to the recurring payments I have set-up tied to my debit card?
You will need to contact any business that you have established recurring payments tied to your debit card and provide them with your new card information. This should be done immediately after activating and using your new card so that your payments will continue uninterrupted.

Are there any additional costs for the chip card?
No. Customers will not incur any costs related to being issued a new chip card. If you have paid to receive an Old Second Personalized Card, you will receive a replacement personalized card at no additional fee.

Will I be charged again for my Personalized Old Second Debit card if you are sending me a new card with a chip?
No. If you ordered a personalized Old Second Debit card, you will not be charged for the replacement card with a chip. If you are inadvertently charged for the replacement card, please call 1-877-866-0202 for an immediate refund. 

What if I did not receive a new Chip card?
Call 1-877-866-0202 and our Support Center staff will assist you.