The value of our diverse perspectives

Diverse markets require diverse perspectives. It's a tradition at Old Second to capitalize
on the broad spectrum of backgrounds of our employees.


At Old Second National Bank, recognizing and rewarding the valuable contributions of every one of our associates is simply this: a Business Imperative. We understand that not one person or group of people have all the answers. It’s the collective ideas, input and creative nuances of everyone that make our Bank the Employer and Financial Services Provider of Choice in the markets we serve.

Our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion is further supported by our Core Values, which encourage all of our employees to take empowered ownership, use their creativity to innovate, and to keep growing through continuous development. We are 100% committed to workforce diversity and workplace inclusion, and we leverage this commitment in developing strategic business goals that are diverse and inclusive. This is not only the right thing to do as an employer, but it is smart business as well, since Old Second’s footprint includes highly diverse people and businesses within our communities.

We are proud of our record of equal employment opportunity, and for creating an environment where Diversity and Inclusion is the centerpiece of a workplace where all of our associates can achieve and succeed. It is important to me, senior management, and the Board of Directors that our employees, customers, shareholders and anyone who does business with the Bank understands that this commitment is strong and will remain a priority.

Jim Eccher—Jim Eccher, CEO


We strive to be the Bank of choice in the workplace, marketplace and community through our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion. We believe welcoming the contributions, knowledge and insights of employees from various backgrounds, perspectives and experiences enhances our culture and performance. To achieve our D&I goals, we continuously focus on:

  • Strong leadership
  • Appropriate workforce representation in the markets we serve
  • Employee awareness through training and role modeling
  • Vendor/supplier diversity programs
  • Accountability through customer feedback and leadership evaluation

As an associate of Old Second National Bank, we believe that you will find our environment to be respectful, welcoming and open to all individuals. Through our comprehensive Affirmative Action and Diversity/Inclusion business plans, our goal is to attract and retain individuals from across all spectrums of the community. Being open and responsive to broad skills, ideas and perspectives helps us meet the ever-changing financial needs of our diverse customer base.

We’re proud of the ongoing initiatives at Old Second that support our Diversity and Inclusion philosophy:

  • Our D&I Advisory Council, comprised of influential associates from all levels of the Bank, who focus on nurturing D&I within our culture
  • Multicultural community outreach, sponsorship and networking activities that enhance our support for building vibrant, diverse communities
  • Through our Employee Activities Council and independent employee initiatives, supporting philanthropic, volunteer and educational programs that are designed to revitalize the communities we serve
  • Partnerships with local high schools that assist educators with making a difference in our citizens at an early age

Old Second National Bank is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin.