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Treasury Management

For business and commercial accounts ONLY - please indicate if you are interested in using any of the following four Treasury Management services. For more information on these services, please call a business banker at 630-906-2000.

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Account List

You can sign up to have as many accounts available online via O2 Online Banking as you like. Use the compiler below to create a list of accounts you would like to have available online. It's easy! Just enter your account number, select an account type, provide an account name and click "Add Account". You can add or remove accounts in any order you like. Just another example of how Old Second National Bank strives to make your online experience as simple as possible. Please choose a friendly name to describe your account. This name will appear on O2 Online Banking in place of your account number. Friendly names must be unique for each account.

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Account Number Account Type Friendly Name Action
123123 Checking My Checking
143143 Savings My Savings

Bill Pay Sign-Up

Enjoy BillPay today! BillPay allows you to access your Old Second National Bank funds to pay for just about any bill you get. Give yourself more free time and let us take care of your bills for a low monthly fee of $9.95† regardless of the number of accounts. Start saving your time now!


Add Checking Accounts

You can add as many checking accounts to BillPay as you have registered for use with O2 Online Banking. Check the box next to the account(s) you would like to add to BillPay for this service to be activated.

Account Number Account Name BillPay Option
123123 Checking

† A minor charge of $9.95 per month will be made regardless of number of accounts registered with BillPay.
†† If you choose to sign up for BillPay we will need one of your checking accounts from which to automatically withdraw the $9.95/month per account fee.

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