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What is O2 Mobile Banking? — Mobile Banking allows Personal and Business customers to view account balances and transaction history, transfer money and pay bills 24 hours a day, seven days a week through a mobile or cell phone that has Web browser service.
Who can have O2 Mobile Banking?
  • Any individual who is 18 years or older and has O2 Online Banking.
  • Any business customer with single sign-on for O2 Online Banking.
Are there any special requirements for the customer?
  • Must be an O2 Online Banking user with a valid User ID and password.
  • Must have a mobile phone device that is Web-enabled and whose network allows secure SSL traffic.
How can I sign up for O2 Mobile Banking?
If you already have O2 Online Banking:
  • Log in to O2 Online Banking.
  • Go to the Options tab.
  • Select Mobile Banking.
  • Complete the “Mobile Settings” selections.
  • You are now enrolled in O2 Mobile Banking. No new application is needed.
If you do not have O2 Online Banking:
  • Fill out and submit an O2 Online Banking application.
  • Click here.
Are there iPhone® and iPad® applications for O2 Mobile Banking? — Yes. The iPhone application for O2 Mobile Banking is available by searching the Apple Store for "Old Second Bank" and selecting "O2 Mobile Banking." The iPad application for O2 Mobile Banking is available by searching the Apple Store for "Old Second Bank" and selecting "O2 Banking." The application is free.
What options are available to me on my O2 Mobile Banking?
  • View account balances.
  • View transaction history.
  • View alerts.
  • Transfer funds between Old Second accounts.
  • Make bill payments to existing payees.
What accounts can I access or view on O2 Mobile Banking? — Any of your Old Second deposit or loan accounts that you have established in O2 Online Banking.
How secure is O2 Mobile Banking? — The same security measures for O2 Online Banking have been incorporated into O2 Mobile Banking. You should, however, take every precaution to safeguard your User ID and password.
Do I need to use my O2 Online Banking Secure Token to access O2 Mobile Banking? — This functionality is limited to O2 Online Banking. It is not available for use with O2 Mobile Banking.
What do I do if I get a new mobile device? — If you retain the same phone number and provider, no changes are necessary. If you switch providers and/or phone numbers, the changes can be made by logging into O2 Online Banking. Go to the Options tab and select Mobile Settings.
What happens if I lose my mobile device? — For security purposes, your account data is not stored on your mobile device. Your information cannot be retrieved. When you replace your device, simply edit your Mobile Settings and make any changes to the wireless provider and/or phone number.
Is there a charge for the service? — Old Second does not charge a fee for the use of the O2 Mobile Banking service. You could incur fees from your mobile service provider related to the use of O2 Mobile Banking based on your specific calling plan.
How similar is Mobile Banking to O2 Online Banking?
  • The User ID and password are the same.
  • Both services have the same basic functionality and 24/7 availability.
  • O2 Online Banking has more capabilities related to history, cash management functions for businesses and O2 BillPay set-up.
  • Only 15 days of transactions can be viewed through O2 Mobile Banking and searches for a specific transaction cannot be done.
  • A bill payment (payee must already be set up on O2 BillPay) can be initiated by O2 Mobile Banking but cannot be cancelled—that must be done by going into O2 Online Banking through a computer.
  • Alerts must be setup on O2 Online Banking but can be viewed on O2 Mobile Banking.
  • Stop payments and password changes are not available via O2 Mobile Banking. These are O2 Online Banking functions only.
Can I search for a specific transaction on O2 Mobile Banking? — Currently, there is no search feature available. You will be able to view 15 days of transaction history from your mobile device.
Can I add a new bill payment payee? — No. For security reasons, functionality is limited to sending payments to already established payees. To add a new payee, access O2 Online Banking, select bill payment, and then New Payee. You can then submit payments to that payee via your mobile device.
How do I delete a bill payment that I set up through my mobile device? — You must log into O2 Online Banking to check the status of the payment. If the payment has not already been processed, you can delete it from the bill payment menu.
What if I can’t get my mobile device to work with O2 Mobile Banking?
Your mobile device will need to meet the following requirements:
  • It must be registered on your O2 Online Banking account using a personal computer.
  • Your mobile device must be Web enabled.
  • Your mobile network must allow secure SSL traffic. (You may need to contact your mobile provider to determine this.)
If your phone meets these requirements and you continue experiencing problems, the mobile version may not be compatible with your phone’s browser. An interim solution would be to try downloading another browser such as Opera Mini (www.operamini.com), which provides reliable support to a number of mobile applications.
Who do I contact for assistance? — Please contact us at 630-844-4826 or onlinebanking@oldsecond.com.