Get your checks cashed at the O2 Money Services Center

Have a check and want cash now? Don't have a bank account?


Old Second is proud to serve as an agent for Western Union®. Western Union has over 130 years of trusted service and more than 400,000 agent locations around the world, including over 46,000 in the U.S.

Bank customers and non-customers can both use Western Union through Old Second to send or receive money. It is quick and convenient, just visit any Old Second lobby to begin a transfer.

The services we provide include:

Western Union Money Transfer®
Get the money where you need it to be in minutes, next day or direct to bank.*

Everyday Expenses
Immediate Needs

Western Union Bill Payments
Easily pay your bills like auto, credit card, mortgage, utilities and more.

NOTICE: All money transfers initiated through Western Union are subject to Western Union's terms and conditions, including the Western Union privacy statement. Please read them carefully before proceeding. *Funds may be delayed or services unavailable based on certain transaction conditions, including amount sent, destination country, currency availability, regulatory issues, identification requirements, agent location hours, differences in time zones or selection of delayed options. Additional restrictions may apply. See Send form for details.


Old Second Bank offers you a solution for your check cashing needs, our O2 Money Services Center check cashing service. All that is needed is an acceptable ID and valid tax ID number. Old Second will cash your check so you can leave the bank with money in your pocket and you don't even have to wait for the check to clear.*

The types of checks that can be cashed for immediate funds include:

  • Federal, state and local government checks up to $2,000
  • Federal or state income tax refund checks up to $5,000
  • Tax refund checks from third-party tax preparation firms up to $5,000
  • Payroll, business, insurance, stock dividend and rebate checks up to $1,500
  • Money orders up to $1,500.
  • Personal and business checks drawn on Old Second Bank—no limit.

Better yet, our fees are less than many check cashing businesses. Old Second Bank charges only 1% of the face value of each check of $500 or more or a flat $5 fee for each check $500 or less.

Also ask about our other solutions to help manage your cash without a bank account:

*Terms and conditions apply. We reserve the right to not cash a check based on information provided to us. All checks subject to approval by PayCheck Accept®/Certegy Check Services, which is not affiliated with Old Second Bank. No third-party checks cashed. Fees subject to change without notice.


Before you travel outside the U.S., take care of your foreign currency needs. Old Second now handles more than 90 currencies at competitive rates of exchange.

  • Convenience of ordering currency while conducting other bank business
  • Competitive exchange rates
  • Avoidance of security risks of having to exchange currency at destination

Visit any Old Second location for your foreign currency needs.