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Person-to-Person Electronic Payment Solution

Now you can take advantage of Old Second's P-to-P payment solution––SendMoney. Using your O2 Online Banking, you can send payments to anyone in the United States with a checking or savings account using their email address.

View the SendMoney Demo:

Trouble viewing? Right-click here to download WMV of O2 SendMoney Demo.

How it works

  • Install the SendMoney widget onto your main O2 Online Banking page to enroll. Click here to download a step-by-step instruction PDF: SendMoney Enrollment.
  • You'll input the Receiver's name, email, amount, payment date, and keyword.
  • The Receiver will receive an email containing a link which will let them provide their bank account number and the keyword you provided.
  • The payment is sent!
  • Click here to download a more detailed instruction PDF: How-to-Use SendMoney.